NetVRk Launches $NETVR Token Swap to Enhance Metaverse Experience for Users

NetVRk, the crypto-powered metaverse platform, has officially launched its highly anticipated token swap, transitioning from $NTVRK to $NETVR.

Netvrk is a project that aims to create a high-quality, immersive web 3 experience for gamers and NFT enthusiasts. It has been in development for eight years and supports both VR and desktop platforms. Netvrk plans to develop a cross-platform creation engine for both, including compatibility with Apple products. The project forms partnerships with avatars and agencies to integrate NFTs into the system, bridging the gap between the real world and blockchain. Netvrk is making rapid progress according to their current roadmap, exploring more immersive NFT experiences and using AR technology to bridge the gap between the metaverse and the real world.

Netvrk is a social virtual world built on blockchain technology that allows users to create and monetize their creations. It aims to provide a unique and visually attractive world for users to explore and tailor to their needs. Netvrk’s users can utilize their worlds for both personal and professional purposes while taking advantage of a blockchain-based ecosystem that offers them tools to monetize their creations.

In addition to creating and exploring virtual worlds, Netvrk also offers features such as a token swap and immersive gaming experiences. The platform has its own token called $NETVR, and it has expanded its vision to include virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and artificial intelligence (AI).

Netvrk is designed to empower its players and give them a say in determining the future of the metaverse. With its focus on creativity and imagination, Netvrk aims to provide a platform where users can participate in a wide range of activities such as gaming, online shopping, attending virtual concerts and parties, and more.

To ensure a seamless experience for users, NetVRk has created a bridge between the Polygon and Ethereum blockchains. This bridge enables different parts of the blockchain to work together seamlessly, regardless of which blockchain users are utilizing.

The decision to rebrand the company was driven by the desire for clarity. Mike Katseli, the founder and CTO of NetVRk, explained, “We wanted people to instantly grasp the essence of NetVRk. The new name was carefully chosen. At first glance, it spells ‘network,’ emphasizing our commitment to connectivity in today’s world. However, upon closer inspection, you’ll notice the capitalized VR letters. This represents our primary focus on the captivating realm of virtual reality.”

The change from $NTVRK to $NETVR as the ticker name is not merely an aesthetic alteration. It serves to highlight that NetVRk’s token is at the forefront of the VR metaverse.

NetVRk token holders can now access the claim page for the token swap. Previous NTVRK holders can claim their new $NETVR tokens without any fees through the company’s claim portal, available on both the Ethereum and Polygon networks. NetVRk has ensured a generous two-year claim portal period to allow everyone to seamlessly participate in the token swap.

In addition, NetVRk has introduced an upgradeable smart contract, empowering its community members to take swift action in the event of security breaches or unfair gaming practices.

Overall, NetVRk’s token swap and rebranding efforts aim to elevate the metaverse experience for its users, emphasizing connectivity, virtual reality, and community engagement.

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