The Last Night of Crypto

The Last Night of Crypto is a work of art painted by an anonymous artist. Nyla Hatem lives in a European country; however, her exact place of residence is not known. What is known is that she is a Middle Eastern refugee that works anonymously. She says that she is going to prepare more NFT paintings.

Painted with a digital pen, her first work is called The Last Night of Crypto, which is apparently an unprofessional but symbolic duplicate of da Vinci’s The Last Supper. Duplication of The Last Supper is not unprecedented, and many other artists have been inspired by it in their works. The Last Night of Crypto is no exception.

This mysterious work of art has small defects and suspicious details. You might think that it is possible to understand its purpose by reading the artist’s comments. However, her comments are more ambiguous than the artwork, something which makes it mysterious!

Describing her work, Nyla Hatem wrote:

“What are the characters thinking about? What are they talking about? Stress, thinking, surprise, foresight, inner peace, betrayal, and even defects are the inseparable features of this work. Mysteries talk.”

A saltshaker fallen on the floor that goes against the other components of the painting seems irrelevant; however, if you pay close attention, the spilled salt reminds you of the saltshaker dropped on the table in front of Judah in The Last Supper. The critics consider the saltshaker a symbol of Judah’s betrayal! Now the saltshaker is in front of a person in a formal suit that goes against the other characters and has a laptop with the brand of Federal Reserve System in front of him!

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The Planet Earth is obvious in the background. At the first glance, you might think that this meeting was held on another planet; however, by looking at windows on the left and the right, you will realize that the meeting is probably on a space station. Perhaps, it might indicate something else!

We even asked Nyla Hatem about the man in the suit whether he was Elon Musk. She refused to answer. However, some resemblances can be observed between this man and Elon Musk.

There is an individual with the symbol of Litecoin who is holding a device like a tablet and pointing at it with surprise. There is another individual with the symbol of Binance Coin who is talking about (or explaining) it. There is a third individual with the symbol of Ripple who is paying attention to the second individual’s explanation; however, nothing is visible on this small device.

The characters were designed interestingly, and each of them has specific appearances. One of them is worried. The second one is surprised, and the third one appears to have a question. Perhaps, one of them is happy for no reason. In the center, Bitcoin is peacefully thinking or meditating in short distances from others. Apparently, Bitcoin has something invisible in his left hand (that is not visible to us). The combination all these features makes this work beautiful.

Finally, there is a dog that might symbolize Dogecoin.

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