Kaiju Kingz NFT Collection

Kaiju Kings is a new NFT collection that has taken the crypto world by storm. The collection features a variety of unique and highly detailed digital monsters, each with its own backstory and characteristics. These monsters, also known as kaiju, are inspired by classic Japanese monster movies and have been brought to life in stunning detail through the power of blockchain technology.

The Kaiju Kings NFT collection is the brainchild of a team of artists and developers who share a passion for all things kaiju. The team has spent countless hours designing and creating these digital monsters, each with its own distinct personality and abilities. The collection features a total of 10,000 unique kaiju, each of which is available as an NFT.

One of the most exciting aspects of the Kaiju Kings collection is the level of detail that has gone into each individual kaiju. Each monster has been meticulously designed and rendered in high resolution, with every scale, claw, and tooth carefully crafted to perfection. The result is a collection of digital monsters that are truly awe-inspiring to behold.

In addition to their stunning visuals, each kaiju in the collection also has its own backstory and lore. Some are ancient creatures that have been awakened from their slumber, while others are the result of experiments gone wrong. Each kaiju has its own unique abilities and weaknesses, making them ideal for battling against other kaiju in virtual arenas.

To acquire a Kaiju Kings NFT, collectors must purchase them through one of the various marketplaces that support the Ethereum blockchain. Once purchased, the NFT can be stored in a digital wallet and traded or sold at any time. Some collectors may choose to hold onto their NFTs as a long-term investment, while others may choose to use them for gaming or other purposes.

Overall, the Kaiju Kings NFT collection is an exciting new addition to the world of blockchain-based collectibles. With its stunning visuals, unique lore, and endless possibilities for gameplay, it’s no wonder that collectors are flocking to add these digital monsters to their collections. Whether you’re a fan of kaiju movies or just looking for a new investment opportunity, the Kaiju Kings collection is definitely worth checking out.


KaijuKingz was spawned from the mind of CyberKongz holder and community member, OhDots, under his newly founded company: Augminted Labs. KaijuKingz hopes to expand its community with synergistic mechanics that foster competition and collaboration between Web3 communities. The collection will start with a mint of 3,333 Genesis Kaijuz, each granting its holder access to special perks and accesses. Genesis Kaijuz passively generate Radioactive Waste, which can be used to create Baby Kaijuz. Standing larger than life in a 69×69 pixel square, Kaijuz will have a wide variety of traits, types, and different aesthetics. Holding a Genesis Kaiju will reserve you a throne as a King of the Metaverse.

Kaiju Kingz NFTs were sold 201 times in the last 7 days. The total sales volume for Kaiju Kingz was $98.68k. The average Kaiju Kingz NFT price was $491.
The current Kaiju Kingz floor price is Ξ0.22.
There are 3,385 Kaiju Kingz owners, owning a total supply of 9,999 tokens.

3,333 Genesis Kaiju Kingz created by Augminted Labs to protect the metaverse. The community is all about growth and providing a place for the future of web3 to learn, build, and conquer. Join the Kingz and live forever as a legend. 6666 babies to accompany them.


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