Top Ten: Introducing NFT marketplace

Introducing NFT marketplace

The NFT – non-fungible tokens are ones that no one can replace with something else. It is the purest way to appraise and credit the art workers for their art pieces.
The NFT arts have been moving to the digital world. It is also highly possible for the content creators out there to give something different for their fans and art lovers.
Collecting digital artworks has become the new normal in the community of collectors. The freedom to choose the marketplace is one of the unbeatable perks of NFT. Now the creators can choose a particular marketplace that supports specific standards, for instance, ERC-721, or ERC-1155. Or, some platforms also come with different standards BEP-721, or BEP-1155. But the huge difference between the two standards is for our other article.
In this post, we’d like to cut your research time short by sharing you the most renowned NFT platforms which you can join for selling or buying NFT products.


It is one of the first marketplaces there since the launch of the NFT standards ERC-721 and ERC-1551. It is the pioneer of its kind. Selling digital goods for years, it has such a huge customer base. OpenSea charges 2.5% for every successful transaction of digital goods.
OpenSea will be the first NFT marketplace you will want to check if you are interested in the NFT products. It features around 800 projects by far we wrote this review.

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It is a high-end NFT market for collectors and art fans to get their favorite pieces of art. It is also heaven for digital artists and common creators to sell assets to earn some crypto. The marketplace allows the enthusiasts to transact without intervention from a third party.

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SuperRare really signifies its purpose just like its name. Rather than opening the opportunities to all artists across the globe, it only receives few hand-picked artists. For those who want to sell their arts there, you need to go through their form and will get the opportunity for the next launch. The artists will get 85% of the money paid by the buyers. This market is for single-edition of digital art pieces.

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The creators of Foundation claimed that they designed the site to bring all the folks together from creators, collectors, as well as common crypto lovers to meet. The new culture of a creative economy is what they are striving for. Its fees system is awesome. The artists will also get commissions from their arts resells.

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NFT Market Smart Contract liquidity is also viable in the other marketplaces.It shares the liquidity so that it is possible that the buyers from the cross-platform can also interact with the sellers in the particular marketplace. Ones can make use of the Atomic Asset standard to tokenize their digital assets. You can also buy the assets through particular marketplaces.

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Myth Market

Myth Market is one of the most popular picks because of its wide array of trading card brands that can be enjoyed by common art lovers. This market features Garbage Pail Kids cards by GoPepe. Besides, it also hosts other trading cards as well. If you are fond of this category, don’t hesitate to pay it a visit.

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BakerySwap is a bit different amongst the list we mentioned in this article. It is an automated market maker which is empowered by DEX on BSC – Binance Smart Chain. Its unique token is called BAKE or BakerySwap Token. This marketplace offers a wide array of items including digital art, meme festivals, Games NFT, and so on.

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Known Origin

The Known Origin is an NFT Marketplace dedicated for artists and designers whose sole purpose is to create, discover, and trade rare digital art pieces. This marketplace focuses only on Digital Art. If you are interested in collecting rare digital artwork, it can be the right choice for you.

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Enjin Marketplace is popularly known as the blockchain assets marketplace.
It is the bridge for the game developers and the providers. It uses the network to connect with the other NTFS across different platforms of marketplaces. Use the on-site Enjin wallet for much safer transactions.

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Portion has been the sanctuary for the freedom artists to find their customers online. Backed with the blockchain technology, you as a buyer can find a wide array of arts from the common arts, to the collectibles.
There you have them! Every time you want to indulge in the NFT market, don’t forget to see the top list above. Happy shopping/selling!

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