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Nakamigos is a unique NFT collection that has been gaining popularity in the NFT community. The collection consists of a series of 20,000 unique, cartoon-like characters, represented by non-fungible tokens. Each of these characters has its unique personality, backstory, and attributes that make them a one-of-a-kind collectible. In this blog post, we will dive deep into Nakamigos, exploring the concept behind the collection, how it works, and its value.

What Is Nakamigos?

Nakamigos is an innovative NFT collection designed by a team of experienced artists and developers. The creators of the collection aim to create an NFT project that is not just valuable but also entertaining and fun. The characters in the collection are cartoon-like characters with unique designs and attributes.
The Nakamigos NFT project by HiFo Labs has quickly become a hit in the Web3 community.

With an impressive 52,000 sales in just over a week, it has outperformed the Bored Ape Yacht Club in total trades. These 20,000 Nakamigos are 24×24 pixel characters inspired by Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious creator of Bitcoin, and the collection’s name translates to “friends of Nakamoto.” The project has gained attention for its collaboration with Sartoshi, a well-known crypto artist and NFT influencer who previously worked on the popular mfers collection.

Features of Nakamigos

The collection contains a total of 20,000 items in the Nakamigos universe, featuring 12 unique types of characters evenly divided between humans and non-humans. This diverse range of characters adds excitement to the collection, enticing collectors to exchange and search for their favorite Nakamigos. With its mysterious origins, creators, and valuable commercial rights, the Nakamigos NFT collection is set to captivate the NFT community and secure a strong presence in the competitive

Who leads the Nakamigos

The Nakamigos NFT project was introduced by HiFo Labs, a group with extensive experience in the NFT and digital art realm, although the true identities behind the team remain undisclosed, adding an element of mystery to the venture. Speculation suggests that Sartoshi, a respected crypto artist and NFT influencer, may have ties to the Nakamigos project. Despite these rumors, the creators’ identities remain a secret, heightening interest and fascination surrounding the Nakamigos NFT collection.

Before launching mfers, Sartoshi had amassed a large following on Web3 Twitter, contributing to the project’s successful debut in November 2021. However, in June 2022, Sartoshi made the decision to step away from mfers, citing a desire to transfer project leadership and funds to the community as a demonstration of dedication to the principles of decentralization in the Web3

Could Nakamigos have ties to Larva Labs?

Since the launch of Nakamigos, speculation has been circulating on Web3 Twitter regarding a potential connection between HiFo Labs and Larva Labs, the original creators of CryptoPunks. While some believe that there are aesthetic similarities between the two collections and point to the licensing agreement of Nakamigos being modeled after the one used by Yuga Labs when they acquired CryptoPunks from Larva Labs in 2022, there is currently no evidence to support these claims.

In response to the rumors, Nakamigos took to Twitter on March 27 to assert their independence, stating, “Not Larva. Not Yuga.

Nakamigos Utility: Empowering NFT Holders with Commercial Rights

The Nakamigos collection offers NFT holders the unique opportunity to capitalize on their digital assets through the granting of commercial rights. This feature allows collectors to explore various revenue-generating avenues, making their NFT investments even more valuable. By retaining commercial rights, Nakamigos holders have the freedom to monetize their NFTs creatively, ultimately giving them greater control over their digital

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