How to Create and Sell NFT Art

A customizable vector has been sold for $1400 at the auction. And if you think that is an amazing number. It is only a tiny fraction of the interesting opportunities in the nft marketplace. When you come over a particular NFT shop, there are many five-figure price-tagged digital assets sold by the NFT creators.

Chances are you have been attracted to the world of NFT ART and cryptocurrencies. From early 2020, there have been significantly increasing numbers of digital art transactions across the globe. More and more artists have found the irreplaceable advantages to create and sell their art on the blockchain. And it is your turn now to get the same opportunities. But what is NFT anyway?

Defining NFT

NFT is the abbreviation of Non-Fungible Token. Despite the unique term of the abbreviation, it is the formal way to say “digital certification of authenticity”.

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a unit of data on a digital ledger called a blockchain, where each NFT can represent a unique digital item, and thus they are not interchangeable

What is NFT?

In conventional practices, the physical receipt certification issued in the marketplace or auctions is the real proof of the authenticity of the art. Back then, we imagined if digital arts had ever that kind of privilege in the auction or marketplace site. Now, artists have the definite answer.

NTF serves the same purpose as the physical receipt but for digital items like videos, pictures, photos, music, documents, and so on.

The NTF technology grants the sole ownership status to particular individuals or groups which was impossible to be done in the past. Backed with the blockchain, the transactions of the digital arts have become easier, more straightforward, and safer nowadays.


Minting will be the word which you will hear often when you get involved with the nft marketplace. It can be the direct answer as to how to create NFT, or how to turn your digital art into the NFT.

In a nutshell, minting is the process of tokenization of the digital assets on the blockchain which will be attached in the content.

When you have minted your new NFT ART, the token will attach the built-in commission that you will receive anytime your art is sold and resold in the future. The commission can be different from 10-30%. See more for Minting

What is the criterion of an art to be NFT?

Not all content can be offered in a particular NFT shops. However, we can have the good news knowing that the NFT can be anything from digital art, songs, poetry, recipes, information, images, videos, etc. But there are some limitations to what kind of content that can be turned to the NFT ART. You might want to check on the list first before proceeding to promote your own arts.

The good thing about this is that you can idealize your wild ideas with the free medium. Since it is still relatively new in the world of art, you might see some rooms for improvement in the NFT community. One rule of thumb though, do not tokenize the copyrighted content.

Creating the NFT

All you need to have is the crypto wallet and ethereum. If you are just starting and oblivious with these two things, you could start researching online. There are many free resources that can help you comprehend them.

1 – Setting up your Ethereum wallet

Creating a digital wallet is the first and foremost thing to do to manage your NFT art pieces. Your wallet will be connected to the particular nft market place where you will buy, sell, as well as create the NFT. You can easily find dozens of free wallets platforms on the net. But I suggest you focus on the best providers like Coinbase, MetaMask, Rainbow, and so on. Compare each provider and pick the one which meets your requirements.

2 – Get some Ethereum

To create your first NFT, you will need to pay for some Ethereum. Yes, it is not free to create the NFT. I’ll explain about that later on. Purchase some Ethereum and have it inside your wallet. You will want to purchase when the price is the lowest so that you can save the costs later. It is a great idea to purchase Ethereum from the different exchanges with different rates and have them on your wallet.

3 – Connect your Ether wallet with the NFT marketplace

The nft marketplace will require you to connect your ether wallet to the platform in order to manage your NFT shop or NFT ART. Each marketplace might have different procedures in enlisting your NFT. But I’d rather recommend you to try the popular marketplaces since these sites have an active community who is ready to help you anytime. Based on my personal experience, Rarible can be a great marketplace to start your rodeo. It has an easy and navigable interface. The setup is also easy. Besides Rarible, you might also want to check other renowned marketplaces such as Zora, Nifty Gateway, super rare, and OpenSea.

4 – NFT Creation

After setting up your digital wallet, adding Ethereum to your wallet, and signing up at a particular marketplace, all you need to do is to create and list your NFT ART to it.

It is a good thing that there’s no complex methods. You can just create whatever you want from video, music, image, text, and so on. As long as the marketplace accepts the file, you are good to go. That’s why you will want to make sure that the format of the file is acceptable in the specific marketplace you join.

Then you just need to list it to the marketplace and wait for the buyer to purchase your art.

How much do we need to pay to create NFT?

The minting process on the blockchain involves the computer’s resources to work. You will hear “gas fee” often. It is for the energy and effort which are fetched in the computation in the minting process. The “gas fee” can fluctuate on a daily basis. You could use some free NFT Gas Station tools for the fees estimation that you need to pay. The fee can be anything from less than a dollar to thousands. Your chance could be better if the marketplaces have a one-time fee. Some sites might have more complicated fees. You will want to read the complete information first before proceeding.


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