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Kaiju Kingz NFT Collection- christmas girl

Kaiju Kings is a new NFT collection that has taken the crypto world by storm. The collection features a variety of unique and highly detailed digital monsters, each with its own backstory and characteristics....



The artist and creator is recovering from having his world turned inside out. He found himself the subject of a plot so diabolical it would make most movie plots seem mundane. He suffered betrayal,...


The Last Night of Crypto

The Last Night of Crypto is a work of art painted by an anonymous artist. Nyla Hatem lives in a European country; however, her exact place of residence is not known. What is known...

Introducing NFT marketplace 0

Top Ten: Introducing NFT marketplace

The NFT – non-fungible tokens are ones that no one can replace with something else. It is the purest way to appraise and credit the art workers for their art pieces.The NFT arts have...


How to Create and Sell NFT Art

A customizable vector has been sold for $1400 at the auction. And if you think that is an amazing number. It is only a tiny fraction of the interesting opportunities in the nft marketplace....

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